Who is Etymol?

This is a blog about etymology, which is the study of the origin of words (in case you’d forgotten). It’s also about any other language things which sound interesting.

Back in the day, Ety was a teacher. Ety was absolutely useless at being a teacher (couldn’t mark books and fill forms for a living), but quite liked being in the classroom and imparting knowledge. So, teaching was fine, being a teacher wasn’t.

It turned out that one of the most interesting ways to teach the kids new ideas was by explaining the words that described them. Give someone a little etymological understanding and jargon loses its nasty bite. Explain the story behind the words and the words seem to stick.

After a while some of the kids would see a new word and ask Ety where it came from. Geronimo.

It turns out other people like etymology too. So Ety started a blog of the bits and pieces that arouse the interest.

Incidentally, Ety isn’t always right (at least, not always indisputably right). So please do feel free to offer corrections in the comments.