Languages in the Lords

Ety wouldn’t normally link to a debate in the British House of Lords. You might not know this, but Britain still has an unelected upper house in its legislature. Most of them are appointed by the Government and opposition political parties, some are Bishops of the Church of England and others are – astonishingly – hereditary. Yes, you can still inherit a position in the legislature of Great Britain.

Whilst the system is wildly undemoncratic and archaic, it does have its uses. Namely, you end up with a bunch of people who care passionately about a huge range of subjects and are more interested and expert in those subjects than in scoring partisan points.

So, Ety would like to direct you to a part of a Lords debate on modern languages teaching which features a certain Lord Selsdon. Lord Selsdon makes a fascinating speech about the churn and interplay involved in languages. Thought you’d enjoy it.

Hat tip: Prof. Mary Beard


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