Come Visit the Great Land of the Tatooed!

Ety lives in the Shire of Stagford, which is just north of the Unfordable River Town, which of course sits on the banks of Darkwater.

To the East lies East Stone Sword. To the West, the Shire of Oxen Ford.

Darkwater flows through Oxen Ford, through the Unfordable River Town and its river mouth flows out next to Edge.

Far to the North, beyond the border, lies the Land of Darkness. To the West, the Land of Stangers. Over the Westland Sea are the lands of Westland and Northern Westland. Together, they form the Great Land of the Tatooed.

Ety isn’t typing this out dressed in a tunic and a fake beard. Ety’s not writing an amateur sequel to The Lord of the Rings. Ety has, however, discovered a really brilliant thing called the Atlas of True Names. The premise is that some wonderful people have applied their etymological skills to the world atlas with some brilliant results.

Ety was actually describing Hertfordshire, which is a county just north of London, which is on the bank of the River Thames. Edge is really Kent, the Land of Darkness is Scotland (that made Ety laugh), Westland is Ireland and it all comes together to make Great Britain. We love our tatoos, we do.

If you’re reading this from over the pond then some fun names from the ‘United States of the Home Ruler’ are:

 – New York or the New Yew-Tree Village
 – LA, or The Messangers
 – Las Vegas or The Floodplain
 – California, aka Land of the Successor
 – Washington DC, aka Marsh Farm
 – Miami, People of the Peninsula

Obviously that’s just a few. Check it out at

Definitely one going on Ety’s Christmas wishlist. Isn’t it brilliant?


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