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Word of the Decade

An award, probably for 'tweet'

Ety thinks that the ‘word of the year’ being unfriend is a bit dull. If you’re going down the road of the New Digital, Hyper Hyped, Bang-on-Trend Media 3.0 lexicon, then tweet seems far more suitable for 2009, not to mention a little more pleasant.

Unfriend looks like one of the freakish, badly-put-together toys discovered in the evil kid’s bedroom in Toy Story. It’s just a prefix stuck onto a noun that’s been squeezed and shoved into being a verb.

Tweet, Ety reckons, is a graceful and charming flowering of a word to mean something a little more than it used to, but not too much more. You don’t get the feeling it was folded in the wrong places to fit it in the box.

For that reason, Ety very happily endorses the ‘word of the decade’ competition referenced by The Fink.


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Ety Tweets

Well, not yet – only just joined up. Happily, the username Etymol wasn’t taken yet, so there’s Ety: @Etymol

Actually, Ety’s intending to use the Twitter page as a ‘word of the day’ etymological thing, using the rather fine and respected Concise Oxford Dictionary of Etymology as a keysource (among some others). Will hopefully help to drive some traffic this way. The likelihood is, sadly, that you’re reading this post quite some time after it was written, as Ety hasn’t had anyone read the blog yet so you must be looking at ‘older posts’ once Ety has built a little bit of a readership.

Here’s to the first tweet, which’ll be in a few days, Ety thinks.

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On that definitely thing…


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Definitely should count its days

Ety suspects that a very good way to discover trends in language is Google. Equally, Facebook shows developing trends (dominated as it is by the young and comprising of around 300 million active users).

When you google definitely, you get 118,000,000 results. That’s 118 million.

When you google definately, you get 13,000,000 results. For an incorrect word, that’s a lot.

When Ety tried it on the facebook search bar, this was the result:

definitely: 148

definately: 12,000

There must be a reason relating to the search bar. If there isn’t, the current correct spelling of definitely is on its way out…

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